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Types Of Contact Lenses

Day by day, more and more eye glasses users are switching to contact lenses. On the other hand, to cater to the increasing and varied users, contact lenses are also now made in various types. Now contact lenses wearers have a wide range to choose from in terms of type, focal, hardness, color, duration of wearing, etc. One of the best website to find all the best contact lenses is

Some of the best and widely used contact lenses, which can also be found on are as follows:contact lense

  •         Daily Contact Lenses: These lenses are perfect for those who wish to use a fresh pair of contact lenses every day. These lenses are made for a day’s use and then are disposed off. The duration of wearing is around 18 hours of such lenses. However, these lenses are not made for night time wearing or while sleeping.
  •         Biweekly Contact Lenses: These contact lenses are an alternative to daily contact lenses. These contact lenses are changed on biweekly basis or according to a monthly schedule. These lenses need regular disinfection and cleaning.
  •         Extended Wear Contact Lenses: These contact lenses are made in such a way that they can be worn during sleeping also. These are made from a comparatively more breathable plastic and in such a way that the dirt and dust doesn’t get trapped under the lenses.
  •         Toric Contact Lenses: These lenses are made in such a way that they depend on gravity and lid interaction to create the desired correct angle and wrap around the cornea. These lenses are used in cases of astigmatism.
  •         Bifocal or Multifocal Contact Lenses: People having presbyopia or hardened eye lens use these types of lenses. These are made in such a way that you don’t need to remove the lenses again and again while working.
  •         Colored Contact Lenses: Colored contact lenses are used to change the color of your eyes. Whether you simply like another eye color or wish to get a dramatic look for some occasion, contact lenses are your buddies. These come in a variety of color and hues, according to your preference.

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Open a bank account in Dubai before forming a company

So you are looking for an offshore company formation in Dubai. Well it would certainly be a good move as the economy of the city is on the rise. Moreover the Dubai government is greatly supports the foreign investors and prospects interested to start a business here. And therefore seemingly the banks are more willing ever to lend.


Although overall safety of banking in Dubai attracts many foreign businesses to open a bank account here and carry out the financial matters of their offshore business in a secure way, the entire procedure can be a little burdensome. But if you are looking for an offshore company formation in Dubai, you can take the guidance of a business consultant who will also help you to open a bank account in a smooth way.

The needs and requirements for opening an offshore bank account depends on the bank and can vary in different banks. However, the presence of a major shareholder or director is typically required by every bank. The very first step in the process is to fill in the account opening application completely and appropriately. Detailed company records that includes all information about the business like business proof (contract and invoices), data about the clients, suppliers etc. of the company is also required.

The documents that need to be submitted along with the account application vary from bank to bank. Here is a list of documents that are usually required.

  • UAE passport and the residency visa of the representative of the offshore business shareholder.
  • Emirates ID card copy of the shareholder representative.
  • Passport director of company’s director.
  • The types of activities that will be required to be done through the account.
  • Business plan also needs to be submitted.
  • Proof of existing contracts.
  • Certified company incorporation documents that includes:
    • Memorandum and articles
    • Incorporation Certificate
    • Shareholders registry
    • Certificate of good standing

Background information about your company’s management team will also be required, which will include the financial projection of your business. After an interview with the bank, your account will be established.

Adam Global is one of the business advisory firms that can help you to open an offshore bank account, for your offshore business in Dubai.


health liability law in UAE

Things to know about the new health liability law in UAE

The new healthcare law in Dubai safeguards the best interests of individuals. Approach the experts at for the best possible advice on all the health laws that you need to be aware of.

A top law firm like says that the new health laws in Dubai makes health even more accessible.

The new health liability law considers the human rights as prime and protects the rights of the patients to the core. The law also protects the rights of physicians and all other healthcare professionals.

health liability law in UAE

With the law in place, the primary focus is given to protecting and safeguarding the rights and interests of the patients, healthcare professionals as well as hospitals. The law will ensure that the treatment and the costs associated with it are fair enough. With this, there will be a perfect balance within the entire healthcare system all through the country.

This very law will also focus and take care of the malpractices happening in the healthcare department such as the medical insurance fraud.

It details a clear cut outline of the responsibilities that a doctor and other professional has. At the same time the law also addresses the process of investigation and the disciplinary proceedings because of alleged malpractice.

The law makes it easier to report any malpractice and/or medical negligence by pharmaceutical companies or service providers. Such instances can be reported directly to health authorities.

All the complaints will be forwarded to a medical liability commission under the Minister of Health and Prevention. The commission will then decide the fate of the complaint buy evaluating it thoroughly. The appeal will be addressed within 30 days.

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Kinds of cases does a family lawyer help with

Family lawyers deal with legal concerns in a family, like marriage, divorce, child custody, support etc. They have to counsel the separating party is not to fight over the decision. In the case they have children, family laws offer security to them. SM law firm is one of the law firms in Dubai, who can help you with Family lawyers. The court decides the responsibilities of parents like child support and child custody. Some less well-known areas of law that are handled in family courts are:

Civil unions: A civil union is recognized in many countries like a marriage between same-sex couples. though there are not permitted under UAE law, you can have a civil marriage abroad and then have it registered in Dubai. Some embassies will conduct civil ceremonies for their own citizens. Contact law firms in Dubai for more details.

Domestic violence: This is a widespread problem of family law. Many countries have created family courts the family law ensures protection for every member of the family – especially the children. not just physical and emotional abuse these lawyers deal with cases about guardianship, truancy, and juvenile delinquency.

Adoption: Adoption is growing at another widespread practice in current generation done in the past. At present, there are many ways to adopt a child, there within a country where a person lives or is it nationally internationally. The family lawyer in Dubai can help their client with the proceedings and ensures that the adoptive parents are not being given false information regarding the child.

Child abuse: Child abuse is yet another growing concern for many countries in the world. As there are some changes regarding Child abuse in recent times, there are many cases of being heard in the court about this topic.

Property settlement: Property settlement option should be considered when a case of death of a spouse or dissolution of the marriage. The property should be divided equitably between the partners, remember that equitable doesn’t mean equal. The court can decide that thing taking into consideration before the final hearing.

Family lawyers play a significant role in protecting the laws pertaining to loves of a wife, a husband and their children respectively. If there is any problem with your family relations or Dubai criminal law   consult a family lawyer in UAE.For the best advice on family laws visit SM Law Firm in Dubai

Security Contractors Oman

Benefits of Contacting Security Contractors in Oman

If you are a business owner in Oman, and are looking for additional security for its executives or to protect the office premises, you must then hire a reliable firm of Security Contractors in Oman to ensure the overall safety of the business. Although the private security can be costly, but the benefits it offers makes it worth the investment. Some of them include

Security Contractors Oman

  •         24X7 Protection

When you hire private Security Contractors in Oman, you can be ensured of getting a round the clock protection. Whether you want the guard of the security firm to drive the executive around town, fly to a foreign country or just walk the office premises while the executive is inside, they will always be at your service once hired.

  •         Quick Response Time

If you hire a private security firm for the safety concerns of your office or business personnel, then unlike the local police department, You can expect them to respond to a situation immediately. They will be able to respond within minutes, if not seconds.

  •         Surveillance

Besides helping you in dangerous situations, a security firm can patrol your property, monitor security cameras, check the control room operations, respond to alarms and even operate your security gate. If you don’t want to hire a new employee for security purpose, it is far better to hire a security contractor and get a peace of mind.

  •         Cost efficient solution to safety

Hiring a security contractor can save you a lot of money while safeguarding your business efficiently. You don’t have to hire a security guard, train him and pay him. When you employ the services of a security contractor, you will be offered  security services with professionals who are already trained, and therefore you can focus on other resources.

If you’re worried about the security of your employees or company, then you must engage a good security service and be ensured of the safety in every way.

Majees Tech is one of the most reliable security contractors in Oman that must be contacted for all your security needs.

Be aware of citizens’ rights and duties

It is not very tough to find the best lawyers in Dubai There are several well-established law firms in the Emirates and they have some best professionals working with them. With an expertise in all types of legal complications, these lawyers can solve all types of cases.

Lawyers in Dubai say that a Dubai resident needs to be well informed about the rights and duties while stating in the Emirates. This will not only help them stay out of trouble but they will also be able to defend themselves in the case of legal troubles.

best legal consultation in dubai
  • The most important thing that people in Dubai should know is that the Federal Penal Law of the country doesn’t allow workers and employees to stop work without a valid reason. If a group of employees decides to stop work in a company, they may face penalties. It is also an offense to provoke others to stop work.
  • The law also forbids employers from insulting workers and violating their rights morally, physically, or through any other means.
  • One may not force a person to work or take up a job against his/her will.
  • An employer is not allowed to hold or retain the employee’s passport. According to the law, a passport is a personal property an employer can’t keep it.
  • During the holy month of Ramadan, restaurants aren’t allowed to serve food during the day and nobody is allowed to consume food or in the open when Muslims fast.
  • People from other religions shouldn’t eat and drink in public during Ramadan.
  • The law doesn’t allow to preach a religion other than Islam in the UAE
  • People who have failed in a suicide attempt or those who provoke others to commit suicide will face a jail term.If you are seeking more information about the rights and duties in Dubai, you can seek expert help. For the best legal professionals in Dubai, contact SM Law Firm.

Things To Check While Choosing A GPS Tracking Company

In the current modern world, many businesses are becoming more and more dependent on GPS technology. Various services like cab services, car rentals, etc are majorly dependent on GPS. Thus, many GPS companies focus on providing GPS tracking services concentrated towards such businesses. However, there can be requirements of GPS for personal use also. For example, when your kids are out alone or while going to and coming from school, hobby classes, etc.

To solve this problem, you need to choose such GPS tracking company in Dubai which specializes in catering to your any and every type of GPS service requirements. But choosing a random service provider may do more harm to you than good. Thus, following are some of the points you must keep in mind while choosing a GPS tracking company in Dubai:

  •         Required features: The GPS tracking company must have a product which satisfies all your requirements. The product chosen must have all the necessary features so that you can fulfill your basic requirement.
  •         Latest technologies: It is very much imperative that the GPS tracking company in Dubai must have all the latest technologies and features at the time of purchase and must provide updates ass and when they come. However, proper care should be taken that such update does not end up spoiling your overall experience.
  •         Dependable and trustworthy: The tracking company you choose must be dependable and trustworthy. A background check or going through their details may help in checking so. This way, you can be assured of getting best services and value for your money.
  •         Cost matters: One of the most important factors to be considered while choosing a GPS tracking company in Dubai is the cost. If the cost of services exceeds its benefits then it is useless. Thus, the service provider must charge a reasonable fee. Getting flexibility in terms of the plan, duration, etc is added advantage.

It can be quite a task to search all these features in a single GPS tracking company in Dubai. But worry not. Majees Technical Services LLC is more than a decade old service provider in this field. With us, you can be assured of getting the best experience, always.

hernia surgery

Hiatal Hernia Diet Tips

Hiatal hernia is the condition where the stomach, which is normally present in the abdominal cavity, protrudes into the chest cavity. A decreased muscle mass and an increase in pressure inducing activities increase the chance of getting hiatal hernia. In the final stages, people opt for undergoing surgery. The hernia surgery cost in Dubai is very reasonable and payable.

The hiatal hernia surgery can use either one of the two methods. Either laparoscopy or open surgery can be used. Laparoscopy is when small incisions are made to make a path to insert cameras and trochars into the body. On the other hand, open surgery is where a big incision is made so all the parts are visible to operate on. Depending on which method is used, the hernia surgery cost in Dubai varies.

As hernia is a lifestyle disease, the doctors will recommend a few diet tips before opting for surgery. These tips are:

  1. Cut down on acidic food: Acidic food disrupts the oesophageal sphincter, creating a path for the stomach to move up, into the chest cavity. Food such as citrus, chocolate, garlic and onion are known to be very acidic.
  2. Follow a heartburn friendly cooking method: change the way you cook so, that it eases your heart burn. For example, choose lean meat, grill the food instead of frying, steam veggies with only water, reduce the amount of oil/butter used, choose low fat ingredients, refrain from seasoning, and remove the fat from the meat before cooking.
  3. Food to eat in moderation: certain food can cause acid reflux, so if possible, they should be avoided or eaten in minima quantity. These are garlic, onions, leeks, yoghurt, and fried meat.
  4. Beverages: only water or herbal tea is safe to drink. Beverages like coffee, peppermint tea, carbonated drinks or alcohol can increase heartburn.

Normally, it is unlikely for hiatal hernia to be problematic. However, if you experience symptoms, then visiting a doctor would be ideal. In Dubai, Lapsurgery clinic is the home for best doctors.     

Electronic Devices

Electronic Devices You Should Have When Are You Planning To Travel

Whether travelling to a local destination or abroad, it is always necessary to be completely prepared in order to make your travelling exciting and fun. Beside your clothing and other basic essentials, there are many electronic gadgets that you would want to carry with yourself. But before actually packing them you should purchase them beforehand from any of Dubai’s online electronics store.

Here we have a few of the essential electronic gadgets that you must take with you while travelling. These will not help you in keeping entertained, but will also let you stay connected with your near and dear ones even when on the way. You can buy each of the following things from a store that sells online electronics in Dubai. let us take a look at a few.

· Smartphone: a smartphone is one of the most essential gadgets that you must carry along with you wherever you go. You can easily use the GPS of a smartphone and get directed to the destination and never get lost. You can use your smartphone to trace the best hotel near you and even book a room instantly. A SIM is not essential for a smartphone to work. You can get an easy access to these features using the Wi-Fi over the phone.

· Camera: whether you are a professional photographer or not, carrying a DSLR camera with you is more of a fashion. So you can buy either a Nikon or Canon DSLR, which is affordable and also has many easy to use functions. Although the purpose of a camera can be solved with a smartphone, but if you are travelling out to explore a new place, then a DSLR is recommended to capture those special moment in a superb quality.

· Portable charger: this is one of the most essential gadgets to keep your electronic equipment fully charged. This charger can be taken on the go to juice up your smartphone if it goes out of battery. is one of the popular e-stores in Dubai where you can find all sorts of electronic gadgets at pocket-friendly prices.

Law Firms In Dubai

Top 10 Law Firms In Dubai

Working as a solicitor in Dubai is one of the most respectable things to do. A solicitor, who is popularly known as a lawyer, handles legal issues of clients. Most lawyers in Dubai prefer to work in a firm because of the high profile clients they get. This is the reason why there are an increasing number of law firms.

In such a crowded market, it is a little difficult to find the best law firm or the best lawyer. However, the best solicitors in Dubai, it is extremely important to find the top lawyer in the field. But one thing that we see today is that almost everyone claims to be on the top in the field. So how to find the best one? Here are a few ways to find the top 10 law firms in Dubai –

Look for a firm that has good experience in working with an array of cases. See if they have a good history of working on cases similar to your case.
Find out if the lawyers have are well skilled and have the required knowledge and expertise.
Meet the solicitors personally and try to gauge their skills and expertise. Try to find out their method of solving a case and how they handle individual cases. Tell them everything about your case and ask them how they plan solve the case.

If you can, try to talk to their previous clients and find out more about the firm’s capability.
There are a lot of well-established law firms in Dubai and almost all of them offer excellent services. The firms deal with all branches of law such as criminal law, traffic law, family law, business advisory, etc. If you are in legal troubles and legal aid from the best professionals in Dubai, contact SM Law Firm.