Be aware of citizens’ rights and duties

It is not very tough to find the best lawyers in Dubai There are several well-established law firms in the Emirates and they have some best professionals working with them. With an expertise in all types of legal complications, these lawyers can solve all types of cases.

Lawyers in Dubai say that a Dubai resident needs to be well informed about the rights and duties while stating in the Emirates. This will not only help them stay out of trouble but they will also be able to defend themselves in the case of legal troubles.

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  • The most important thing that people in Dubai should know is that the Federal Penal Law of the country doesn’t allow workers and employees to stop work without a valid reason. If a group of employees decides to stop work in a company, they may face penalties. It is also an offense to provoke others to stop work.
  • The law also forbids employers from insulting workers and violating their rights morally, physically, or through any other means.
  • One may not force a person to work or take up a job against his/her will.
  • An employer is not allowed to hold or retain the employee’s passport. According to the law, a passport is a personal property an employer can’t keep it.
  • During the holy month of Ramadan, restaurants aren’t allowed to serve food during the day and nobody is allowed to consume food or in the open when Muslims fast.
  • People from other religions shouldn’t eat and drink in public during Ramadan.
  • The law doesn’t allow to preach a religion other than Islam in the UAE
  • People who have failed in a suicide attempt or those who provoke others to commit suicide will face a jail term.If you are seeking more information about the rights and duties in Dubai, you can seek expert help. For the best legal professionals in Dubai, contact SM Law Firm.