health liability law in UAE

Things to know about the new health liability law in UAE

The new healthcare law in Dubai safeguards the best interests of individuals. Approach the experts at for the best possible advice on all the health laws that you need to be aware of.

A top law firm like says that the new health laws in Dubai makes health even more accessible.

The new health liability law considers the human rights as prime and protects the rights of the patients to the core. The law also protects the rights of physicians and all other healthcare professionals.

health liability law in UAE

With the law in place, the primary focus is given to protecting and safeguarding the rights and interests of the patients, healthcare professionals as well as hospitals. The law will ensure that the treatment and the costs associated with it are fair enough. With this, there will be a perfect balance within the entire healthcare system all through the country.

This very law will also focus and take care of the malpractices happening in the healthcare department such as the medical insurance fraud.

It details a clear cut outline of the responsibilities that a doctor and other professional has. At the same time the law also addresses the process of investigation and the disciplinary proceedings because of alleged malpractice.

The law makes it easier to report any malpractice and/or medical negligence by pharmaceutical companies or service providers. Such instances can be reported directly to health authorities.

All the complaints will be forwarded to a medical liability commission under the Minister of Health and Prevention. The commission will then decide the fate of the complaint buy evaluating it thoroughly. The appeal will be addressed within 30 days.

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